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Changshu zhongxin building materials co. LTD


Changshu zhongxin building materials co., ltd. was founded in February 1995. Its predecessor was changshu zhongcheng building materials co., LTD. Since its establishment, through the unity and hard work of many "zhongcheng" people, innovation and continuous development. "Zhongcheng building materials" has been maintaining a stable, healthy and rapid development. We have a professional product design team. We devote ourselves to the modeling and production of each product, bringing the perfect decorative art and delicate decorative design into urban life.
In 1998, the company established a strategic partnership with ODL, a building materials company in the United States. Subsequently, zhongcheng products successfully entered the HOMEDEPOT, LOWES, MENALDS and other major supermarkets in the United States, and established a long-term cooperative relationship with them. Since 2000, I have participated in more than 10 large-scale building materials exhibitions at home and abroad, and have the right to capture the information of new technology and new process, and to promote the company's innovative products to customers at home and abroad.
At present, the company has established a long-term and stable business relationship with ODL company, Japan seidui house co., LTD., Japan lixil company (former TOSTEM), GLASS CRAFT company of the United States, Verre Select company of Canada, BEL's company of France, etc., and has become the supplier of inlay GLASS of ODL company of the United States. Company has won the "China famous brand" products, "Chinese art glass top ten enterprises", "export famous brand" products in jiangsu province, jiangsu province, "high-tech enterprise", "famous trademark", jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the "quality management advanced enterprise" and other glorious title of yarrow and owns more than 400 patents, in the industry take the lead in 2007 through the "China energy-saving product certification", won the "high-tech products that certificate" by the science of jiangsu province.
Looking forward to the end, "zhongcheng building materials" will continue to uphold the advanced enterprise management philosophy, with the spirit of continuous innovation, to enhance the enterprise's core competitive advantage, to provide more families with quality products.
Changshu zhongcheng toolbox co. LTD


The company is committed to the development of modern sheet metal technology, professional research, design, production and sales of steel toolkits, with strong technical force and product research and development capabilities, advanced production equipment, mature production process and complete quality assurance system.
Changshu zhongqin building materials co. LTD 


        Changshu zhongqin building materials co., LTD., established in August 2003 as a subsidiary of zhongcheng building materials group, is a fast growing enterprise. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of modern external sunshade products and discarding the disadvantages of traditional external sunshade products in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, a new type of "built-in hollow louver glass" was developed to replace the traditional sunshade products in the European and American markets, which perfectly realized the new integrated energy-saving Windows and doors integrating external sunshade and insulating glass.

        "Zhongcheng louver" is the combination of louver hollow glass products and energy-saving Windows and doors profiles, with good shading, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, adjusting the daylighting performance, as well as good anti-wind pressure and maintenance performance. It can be applied to the existing integrated energy-saving door and window system of external shading. In recent years, the company produces "zhongcheng" brand built-in hollow louver, through the completion of more than 200 large high-grade district installation and use. It has become the key promotion product of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, jiangsu department of housing and urban-rural development, and has been well received by developers and owners. "zhongcheng" brand hollow built-in louvers have been highly recognized in the field of external shading.

        On June 18, 2009 of housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China issued the law of the People's Republic of China construction industry standards, and on December 11, 2009, mandatory implementation of this standard, will be in our province in nanjing, suzhou, wuxi, changzhou, zhenjiang, nantong, taizhou, yangzhou is divided into the ending hot and cold winter region, east, west, south to the window, shading facilities must be installed. On March 26, 2010 implement the standard of urban and rural construction bureau of yangzhou, printed and distributed to the yangzhou city building energy-saving materials and products for the record management interim measures for the notification, the company in May 2010 according to the to the company in the "cheng" brand hollow external blinds built-in shutter glass wall in yangzhou to do registration for the record, become yangzhou wall emphatically recommended to do the outside shading. At present, the company has in yangzhou, taizhou, changzhou and nanjing and many other design institute developers and doors and Windows factory signed a long-term alliance and supply contracts. "Zhongcheng" brand external sunshade hollow built-in louvres glass products, has been yangzhou sunshine meidi, jiangnan first product, fengshang, jun international mansion, canal first product and other residential areas; Nanjing Olympic sports, Olympic sports qingtong park, xindu district, gaokerong mirror, great wizard forest and other residential areas; Changzhou damin city, yi he south park, Kowloon warehouse downtown; Wuxi yuecheng, yincheng jingliang; Suzhou shuiyu qinting community, taicang shuiyu qinting community; Taizhou beautiful county, livable city; Huaian licheng international community, many of these cities are designated for use. In the international market, "zhongcheng" built-in louver insulating glass products into the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom and other developed countries outside the trend of shading products brand. Become in our country, Europe and the United States shutter production scale one of bases.

        With the efforts of zhongcheng science and technology personnel, "zhongcheng brand - hollow louvet-glass" has obtained 7 national patents, including 1 invention patent and 6 utility model patents. In 2010, it won the honors of "jiangsu province building energy saving enterprise" and "jiangsu province construction science and technology achievements promotion project". In 2013, it won the prestigious award of sunshade industry issued by the science and technology development center of jiangsu housing and construction department: "jiangsu province building energy saving enterprise of the year", "jiangsu province building energy saving technology industrialization base". For more than 10 years since the establishment of the factory, zhongcheng people have always taken "sincere, sincere, loyal" as the purpose of enterprise development, striving to become the global building materials "hollow louvered glass" industry competitive brand.

Jiangsu zhongcheng building materials group co. LTD

Company address: zhaoshi industrial park, changshu city, jiangsu province 

Zip code: 215518

E-mail: chenxm711@163.com

Telephone: 0512-52388888

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